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    Instrumentation industry market demand objects and coverage

    • 2018-07-09
    • 1772

    Instrumentation and instrumentation covers a wide range of fields, covering industries, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, culture, education, health, people's lives, etc., and undertakes the tasks of gatekeepers and instructors in the operation of all sectors of national economic construction. Because of its special status and great role, it has a huge multiplication and pulling effect on the national economy, and it has good market demand and huge development potential. Specific requirements objects can be expressed in the following aspects:

        1. In the context of the entry of human society into the era of knowledge economy and the rapid development of information technology, instrumentation and its measurement and control technology have been widely used, providing a good opportunity for the rapid development of the instrumentation industry. Instrumentation is the source and component of the information industry and an important foundation for information technology. Academician Qian Xuesen has the following discussion on the new technological revolution: "The key technology of the new technological revolution is information technology. Information technology is composed of three parts: measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation." International information will also be The technical production industry is characterized by three industries: computer, communication, instrumentation.

        2. Instrumentation and instrumentation is widely used in the measurement and control of equipment and transformation of traditional industries. It is an important part of modern large-scale complete sets of equipment and an important link for informationization to drive industrialization. According to relevant information, with the improvement of equipment level, the proportion of instrumentation in the total investment of engineering equipment has reached about 18%; one-third of the modern Baosteel technology equipment investment is used to purchase instruments and automatic control systems.

        3. The development of high-level scientific research and high-tech industries has rapidly increased the demand for instrumentation. Instruments and meters are playing a very important role in the process of implementing science and education to rejuvenate the country, knowledge innovation and technological innovation. High-level scientific experiments cannot leave scientific instruments, and the progress of modern science is increasingly dependent on the development of cutting-edge instruments. Modern biology, medicine, ecological environmental protection, new materials (nanomaterials, etc.), and the development of modern agriculture are also based on the development of cutting-edge precision instrument technology.

        4. Instrumentation has become an important part of modern national defense construction technology and equipment. One third of China's aerospace industry's fixed assets are instrumentation and computers; the cost of instrumentation for carrier rockets accounts for about 1/2 of the total development expenditure; Guidance, control, aerospace fine weft measurement and infrared imaging, special high temperature experimental equipment are all key products in defense equipment.

        5. Instrumentation is widely used as an important means of implementation and safeguard industry in the process of exploring the sustainable development of human society, resisting natural disasters, administering the country according to law and implementing relevant laws (quality, commodity inspection, measurement, environmental protection, etc.).

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