Andy Hallet Condolence Contact Info

Germancitygirl sent in this message. We'll try to keep you updated on any further news.

Andy Hallett's family has released an address to send cards of condolence. I thought I'd post if anyone wished to send anything. They're also trying to find out if there's any specific charity that Andy supported, check over on Whedonesque for more.

Andy Hallett
PO Box 924
Osterville, Mass.

"We are Mighty" CSTS video submissions due soon!

The Global Can't Stop The Serenity team is looking for content for the pre-show video they're producing to be shown before all the CSTS events around the world. It sounds like a very simple way for you to be a part of the fourth year of this global event!
From their broadwave:

Time is running out to get your footage in our 2009 Can’t Stop The Serenity Global Introduction Video - "We are Mighty!"

The Global Team is putting together a video that can be played at every CSTS event around the world as an introduction to the event before Serenity is screened. And we're looking for supporters like you to feature in it!

We're looking for:

- One to three word descriptions of Firefly and Serenity. Words like “Family,” “Love,” and “Big Sci-Fi Explosions” (yes, sci-fi is hyphenated)
- Two or three of your favorite lines from the series or the film, spoken by you on camera.
- A description on why Firefly and Serenity are important to you (No more than 10 seconds). What did the series and film teach you? How did it make you feel? What message(s) did you take away from it?

Each reply should be no more than 10-15 seconds.

The deadline for submissions is 7 April 2009. So don't delay!

More details direct from the Global website:

Star Trek Movie Marathon

Check it out this weekend!
April 3-5 At Chandler Cinemas starting at 6pm. There will be a $10 admission fee, but that's well worth it for classic scifi. It's no Can't Stop The Serenity, but it'll help out our favorite community movie theater, Chandler Cinemas.

Website Survey Online

Been checking the website regularly but haven't left any comments? Feel your feedback isn't being heard in regards to the site? Wanna take a survey just for fun? Then head on over to the content survey and let us know how you feel. This will be a huge help in making the site all it can be so please take a few minutes of your day and fill it out. Thanks!

Andy Hallett (Lorne on Angel) Dies at 33

Sad day for Angel fans as E! Online reports that Andy Hallett, the actor who played Lorne on Angel died last night of heart failure at the age of 33. I would bet that Joss will have something to say in the near future. I'll post whatever I hear as it comes in. Otherwise, the E! Online article has more details and you can follow fan reactions on Whedonesque. Edit: Thanks to Topless Robot for the video.

And from Tim Minear: (Can't embed it because Facebook is just an endless giver of joy and convenience...)

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