Elections Begin! Chairman of the Board and Corporate Treasurer

After four days of open nominations, the following people were nominated, seconded, and accepted their nomination:

Chairman of the Board
David Richins
Jennifer Anderson

Corporate Treasurer
Marg Grady

Please make sure to visit the Members Forum before Sunday at midnight to cast your ballot!

Dollhouse Confusion

If you've been following the Dollhouse news, you'll know that Fox has announced that the season will be ending with the 12th episode will be airing when the original schedule showed 13. This led fans to believe that Fox was canceling the season finale in favor of a two hour Prison Break.

They don't like it when you shoot at 'em

Somewhat tardy (on my part) report from the front from Steve Killgore of Team Browncoat, our local Prescott paintball team.

The Independent and honorable men and women of Team Browncoats excel at Scenario paintball, "holding the high ground" in Prescott Arizona. Our other sponsors for 2009 include Northern Arizona Paintball, Dora Paintball, Q-Loader, Slip2000, Save Phace, Red Dot Paintball, Limb Saver, and Ammo, our favorite energy drink.

Colbert Makes It Personal

I keep trying to let this story fade, but Colbert keeps finding a way to make it news! As you may have heard, it's become a congressional issue since congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) declared his support. Now our own Tucson Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) hit back mocking the whole thing. This of course spurred Colbert, who won the NASA vote by "almost twice as many votes as [she] got to win [her] district in 2006," to insult the city of Tucson in his own unique way saying "You, miss pink sweater set, are just jealous because I'm gonna have a space node, and all you're gonna have is half of Tucson - and not even the good half. I'm kidding. There is no good half."
The congresswoman by the way is married to an astronaut and is an outspoken supporter of NASA. There's no objective reason to believe that "Serenity" is remotely a factor in the argument. Still, astronauts have been known to be Browncoats so I'm gonna do some research and get back to you on that.

Nominations Begin! Chairman of the Board and Corporate Treasurer

Attention all AzBc Members! Nominations are now open for Chairman of the Board and Corporate Treasurer and will stay open through 12 p.m. on Thursday, April 9th. Voting for these positions will begin on Friday, April 10th and continue through Sunday, April 12th.

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