Salvage for Serenity


We had a pretty good turn out at our first two CSTS planning meetings. While we still have many, many details to work out, we do know this from previous experience: you can't raise money if you don't have money. That being said, we're looking to hold several fundraisers in order to build a financial base that will support this year's CSTS events. Typically we've stuck to bakesales, raffles, and pre-selling t-shirts, but we've struck a few new ideas this go-around we think will really be a hit. I bring you the first of these ideas under the banner "Salvage for Serenity."

Women - Know Your Limits

Women - Know Your Limits

I don't know if this is real or not, but it's a nice reminder of what the CSTS campaign is fighting.

CSTS Meeting (March 23) Recap

Braving the brutal cold and taunting scents of the neighboring Subway, six intrepid crusaders and five mysterious voices from the ether faced down the epic task ahead of them. Will our heroes succeed or will the future get the best of them? More importantly, will David make it out of there without succumbing to the Subway, and if not, what will he order? Read on constant readers, and see.

A Few Housecleaning Tidbits

Just a few follow ups to past stories to keep you updated.

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